31 May 2014

signpost that say it all...

'broadcasting' - kaapsehoop - mpumalanga - south africa

tying the knot? - kaapsehoop- mpumalanga - south africa

'pearly gates??' - kaapsehoop - mpumalanga - south africa

06 May 2014

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capturing the moment...

My photo

Photography is my hobby and travelling, my passion...

I believe that “Less is More” i.e. #unfiltered 
When it comes to photography, the challenge for me lies in capturing images with the least amount of photographic equipment.  

I use a bridge camera,  with one Leica lens only.  No additional lenses, extra lighting or filters.  I even get by without a tripod most of the time... 

I travel light - a basic camera, a memory card and a passion for photography.

I hardly ever do any post processing and don't  use Photoshop.  I only crop and and/or straighten an image if absolutely necessary.   

I believe that if you can't capture the image the way it presents itself at the time, leave it for somebody else to capture, and move on...